The Crystal Proof

Crystal Proof

Below are some of the reviews which we got from all over the world. Read about the wonders of what Crystal Tomato® did for them! 

以下是我们获取的来自世界各地的一些采访。阅读Crystal Tomato® 在她们身上发生的奇迹! 

Testimonial 1


“While Europeans all fancy a good tan, we Asians prefer to have fair, milky white skin. I have been searching for a miracle pill that can even out my skin tone, help with anti-aging and is an oral sunblock all rolled up in one. I tested out the Crystal Tomato over a period of 4 months and decided that I have found my MIRACLE PILL!” - Jacqueline Koh

“虽然欧洲人都喜欢晒黑,但我们亚洲人喜欢拥有白皙的乳白色肌肤。我一直在寻找一种神奇的药丸,它能帮助我均匀肤色,抗缓衰老,同时还是口服防晒产品。我在4个月的时间内试用了Crystal Tomato,并确定我找到了我的神奇药丸!”Jacqueline Koh

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要了解更多关于Jacqueline Koh的采访,请点击此链接—http://www.jacquelinekoh.com/2015/09/the-clifford-clinic-crystal-tomato.html

Testimonial 2
证言 2


"This product is just, amazing! I am just into my 2nd month of taking Crystal Tomato. I have decided to give this product a try initially with hope that it will fade off a small pigmentation spot that was developing under my right eye. And, it worked its magic in just 5 days! The spot had miraculously disappeared. In less than a week, I saw radiance to my skin. It looks brighter and less dull, healthy and smooth, and this effect is very obvious as I do not use foundation or makeup of any kind." - Betsy 

这个产品真是太棒了!我才刚服用Crystal Tomato第二个月。我最初决定尝试这个产品,是希望它能淡化我右眼下的一个小色素斑。然后,在短短5天的时间里, 这个斑奇迹般消失了。在不到一个星期的时间里,我看到我的皮肤在发光。它看起来更明亮、健康和光滑,这种效果非常明显,因为我不使用任何粉底或化妆品。”— Betsy 

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要了解更多关于Betsy的采访,请点击此链接 — http://thebarebeauty.com/crystal-tomato-my-whitening-holy-grail/